Retirement & Pension Planning
Concerns of Retirement
Most people are faced with three important questions when they start thinking of Retirement.
  • When can I retire?
  • How much money do I need to have to retire?
  • How do I create regular Retirement income?
Retirement planning means saving sufficient funds to provide for a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.

Inflation - the silent tax you pay
Inflation is an important aspect that has to be considered while planning your Retirement corpus and Post-Retirement expenses. Many Retirees find it very difficult to keep up with the high inflation prevalent today. The ‘real’ worth of their pension money is reducing every year through inflation. At an individual level, it is difficult to control inflation itself. However the right strategic decisions through prudent allocation of your assets (both before and during retirement) will help you reduce the impact of inflation.

Planning takes you longer
Sunshine Financials can plan and advice you how to build up your Retirement savings over a period of time from now. We have proven asset allocation strategies that will help you get higher ‘inflation-adjusted’ returns on your existing assets.

We help our clients plan systematically for their retirement through simple techniques like SIP and other regular saving schemes. We also track and re-balance their assets to protect it from the volatility of the markets.
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