Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
Managed Portfolio Services (or also known as PMS) is a specialized service that offers a range of specialized investment strategies on Direct Equity, Debt products, Commodities & other Structured products. These PMS services lets you capitalize on the opportunities in the market which you otherwise would find difficult to manage or unable to execute.

Managed Portfolio Services gives you professional managers who strategize to deliver you consistent returns keeping your risk appetite in mind. Every portfolio manager has a well-defined investment philosophy and strategy that acts as a guiding principle.

PMS relieves you from all the administrative hassles of investments. You receive periodic reports on your portfolio performance and other aspects of your investments. Your investments can also be tracked continuously online on the provider’s website.

Sunshine Financials will first carefully define your financial goals and filter the right PMS portfolio that will be suitable for you. We will also help you keep track of the performance and maturity dates. The Managed Portfolio schemes come with higher costs, but unique benefits, and we will help you understand and decide whether it is the right product for you.

Sunshine Financials has partnered with several PMS providers and offer you several investment options for your needs.
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