Online Investment in Mutual Funds
1. Transact through Partner Platforms
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2. Transact through AMC websites
Sunshine Financials' clients can invest in our recommended mutual funds online by using the direct link below. The link below allows you directly use our broker code ARN 57874 by making your investments so that your transactions are updated automatically on web portfolio.
If you already have a user id and password to invest in our recommended Mutual Funds, you may click on the links below. Else, contact your Relationship Manager to get a Online access PIN to transact (Buy, Redeem & Switch) on your Mutual Funds account.
Benefits of Investing online
  • Invest in any scheme through a new folio or invest through your existing folio(s)
  • Redeem units or a specific amount directly to your Bank account.
  • Set up Systematic Plans (SIP, STP, SWP)
  • View your account statements.
So go ahead and experience the world of your very own paperless and personalized online investing. And it is very much safe and secure too.
Please contact us for any assistance. We will be happy to help you.
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