Investment Planning & Management
Planning without action is of no use. If you don’t start the journey after identifying the roadmap, who can guarantee that you will ever reach your destination? In fact acting on your intention is the key factor towards wealth creation. 

Secondly, you should not wait for the ‘right’ time to make your investment. Remember ‘timing’ your investments is not as important as ‘your time in the investment’. More money has been lost by people trying to wait for the ‘right’ time to invest.

In the above circumstances, the ‘right and timely’ advice is very useful for you to make the right decisions. Sunshine Financials will give you this edge through its independent advise and superior research.

Intelligent Investment Planning
A rational financial plan and good investment advice must take into account the individual needs of a person, and their personal circumstance, financial status, income and future goals. For every client of Sunshine Financials, this is where we start before reviewing your existing portfolio of investments, pensions and assets to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

Profitable Investing
Profitable investing is not merely about seeking to maximizing returns but also about minimizing risk. Risk and return go hand in hand and seeking the optimal balance between the two determines the success of an investment plan. At Sunshine Financials, our client-centric investment management tools are structured to deliver a more profitable investment experience for you.

Our Investment Approach
Our investment approach is founded on the solid time-tested principle that, the pursuit of higher returns should not come at the cost of incurring abnormal risks. We will operate and recommend only within our circle of competence, and focus on aspects that will increase the probability of return within the level of risk that you are willing to take, as determined by your risk profile. 

Strategic Asset Allocation –
The right asset allocation is your best friend in investing. At Sunshine Financials, your asset allocation will be determined by your risk tolerance, time horizon, return requirements and the goals that you seek to achieve in the years to come.

Diversification - By combining assets with different characteristics within your portfolio, you could achieve better risk-adjusted returns. Putting all your eggs in one basket is not advisable. Neither is putting your limited eggs in too many baskets. An optimal level of diversification is the key to consistent wealth creation.

Maintaining Discipline -
We will help you always keep in perspective your long-term goals while making you keep building your savings. We will help you maintain discipline in your regular savings towards achieving your long term financial aspirations.

Regular Reviews

The structuring of your personal investment portfolio is not the end of our advisory journey. It’s merely the beginning. As your investment advisor, Sunshine Financials will keep you updated with your portfolio’s performance and provide you with timely advice. We will also ‘re-balance’ your assets when required. The regular reviews, combined with telephone and email access to your financial advisor will keep you in control of your investment portfolio at all times.
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