Insurance Protection Advisory
Protection of assets is paramount
We all understand that the main aim of Financial Planning is to create financial assets that will help you realize your future goals. However, various unexpected events during a persons life can result in the loss of such assets. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to protect your assets and future income against the possibility of such losses. Doing this will give you the comfort of knowing that all your financial goals will be not be hindered due to the occurrence of any unexpected eventuality.

Insurance is a hedge

Insurance in its purest sense is a hedge against various kinds of risks faced by us such as death, illness, disability or damage to our property or other assets. It must be understood that Insurance is basically a protection tool, and not an income tool. The rationale that governs the purchase of insurance policies is that in the event of a loss, the insured or the dependents can be monetarily compensated to the extent of the cover taken. 

Different Types of Risks – and How to Insure them
There are various kinds of risks that come between you and securing your financial aspirations. Some of them can be protected, while others cannot. In India, we can normally cover ourselves for death, medical illness, critical illnesses, injury & disability and also protect our property like Home, vehicles, business property and many other assets.

Identify and Manage your Risks
Sunshine Financials will help you identify your risks, prioritize them on the basis of their financial severity and the probability of their occurring. We will then develop and recommend an appropriate strategy for you to manage such risks through proper Insurance products that will be both beneficial and cost-saving.
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